FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an application deadline?

The application documents must be submitted one month before the start of the internship. If you do not have an internship place yet, it is advisable to apply online on our homepage 4 to 9 months before the planned start of the internship (Online Application).

Is an online application also possible without a traineeship?

Yes, you can apply online even if you have not yet found a traineeship.

Is there a deadline for the online application?

Yes, the online application must be submitted at the latest when the application documents were submitted. You can apply online at any time (about 4 to 9 months before the planned start of the internship to have enough lead time for the application at the company).

Is my online application binding?

No. Your online application is non-binding and does not commit you to an internship.

If I do not want to start an internship anymore, do I have to state this in writing?

No. If your plans change and you are no longer interested in an Erasmus+ placement, you do not have to tell us, but we would be happy to receive a short information by email.

How can I change my data in the online application?

Once you have sent your online application to us, it is not possible to make any changes to the application afterwards. However, you can inform us of changes to your data, the internship period, etc. by e-mail at any time.

When can I do an Erasmus+ placement?

You can plan and freely choose your internship period within your studies (in the Bachelor's degree programme: from the 2nd semester onwards). An Erasmus+ internship is not bound to semester times.

How long does my internship have to be?

To receive Erasmus+ funding, the traineeship must last at least 60 days (up to a maximum of 360 days).

Is there a deadline for the application documents?

Yes, we must receive the complete application documents 4 weeks before the start of the internship.

Do I have to look for an internship myself?

Yes. You look for an internship on your own. We can offer you support in this regard and, on request, send lists of contact addresses where students have completed an internship in recent years and were supported by us with an Erasmus+ grant.

When will I receive the company lists?

If you indicate in the online application that you would like assistance in finding an internship, we will send you the relevant company lists in a timely manner.

Can I also do an internship at companies/institutions that are not on the company list?

Yes. The company lists are only intended to help you during an internship search, but you can also apply to any other company or institution.

Will an internship in my own home country (country of my own citizenship) be supported?

No, internships in your own home country, i.e. in the country of your own citizenship, are not supported by us!

Can I pursue my internship abroad from Germany?

No, the internship must be done locally abroad.

Will I also be supported as a commuter?

Commuters (e.g. to Luxembourg) are funded by us for a maximum of 90 days. The internship can also take longer than the maximum funding of 90 days.

Do I have to look for a flat myself?

Yes, you need to search for your own accommodation. Links to portals, where students have found apartments/rooms in the past, can be found either on the general Helpful Links page or country-specific in the "Eligible Countries" section.