Final documents in the ERASMUS+ programme

You have to submit the following documents within 30 days after the end of your internship in order to receive the last instalment:

Checklist for the final documents

  • Erasmus+ participant survey (online)
    • You will receive an automatic invitation by the EU CORPORATE NORIFICATION SYSTEM at the end of your internship.
  • 2nd online language assessment (optional)
    • A system change is currently taking place, so the new platform (EU Academy) cannot provide all neccessary functions at this point.

Please send the following documtents by post (no originals necessary):

  • Internship report (informal, approx. 1-2 pages, signed)
    • Preparation (finding an internship/accommodation, useful advice/links)
    • Host organisation (daily work routine, tasks, support, remuneration, language)
    • Conclusion (overall experience; would you recommend the organisation/institution to other interns?)
  • Learning Agreement_AFTER THE MOBILITY
    Please have the receiving organisation fill out and sign the form after the end of the internship (i.e. no earlier than on the last working day).
  • Company questionnaire
    To be filled out and signed by the company.
  • Statement of Validation (see email "contract and important information")
    After the end of the internship, please have the form filled out by the receiving organization and, in the case of a mandatory internship (ECTS involved), by the university.
  • In case of green travel: tickets, confirmation of carsharing, etc.

Please send your documents to the following address:

a.i.m. rlp
c/o Hochschule Trier
Postfach 1826
54208 Trier