Final documents in the ERASMUS+ programme

Innerhalb von 30 Tagen nach Beendigung des Praktikums müssen Sie folgende Unterlagen einreichen, um die letzte Rate des Stipendiums zu erhalten.

Checklist for the final documents

  • Erasmus+ participant survey(online)
    • You will receive an automatic invitation by the EU CORPORATE NORIFICATION SYSTEM in the end of your internship.
  • 2nd online language assessment (optional)
    • A system change is currently taking place, so the new platform (EU Academy) does not have all planed functions at this time.

Please send the following documtents by post (no originals necessary):

  • Experience report (informal, approx. 1-2 pages, signed)
    • Preparation (search for an internship/accommodation, useful tips/links)
    • Host organisation (daily work, tasks, support, remuneration, language)
    • Conclusion (experience, recommendation?)
  • Learning Agreement_AFTER THE MOBILITY
    Please have the receiving organisation fill out and sign it after the end of the internship (i.e. no earlier than on the last working day).
  • Company questionnaire
    Please have the receiving organisation fill out and sign it.
  • Statement of Validation (see email "contract and important information")
    After the end of the internship, please have it filled out by the receiving organization and, in the case of a mandatory internship (ECTS involved), also by the university.

Bitte senden Sie Ihre Abschlussunterlagen an:

a.i.m. rlp
c/o Hochschule Trier
Postfach 1826
54208 Trier