Tirana by night - Photo: Meike Johann

Albania, located in the west of the Balkan island, has about 3.3 million inhabitants. More than half of the population lives in rather rural regions of the republic, which covers an area of about thirty thousand square metres. Albania, "the land of the eagle" with an area roughly the size of Brandenburg, has a lot in store for visitors.

Massive mountain ridges, cliffs, forests, meadows and fortresses are just some of Albania's scenic features. The Albanian coast on the Ionian Sea is also known to travellers as the "Albanian Riviera" because of its extraordinary beauty and wonderful beaches. The oldest lake in Europe is protected by the UNESCO and offers ideal living conditions for an extraordinary flora and fauna as well as living fossils. Albania is considered an insider tip among Europe's travel destinations.

Since 2019, Albania has been a partner country of a.i.m. rlp. Therefore, full-time internships of 60 days or more in Albania can be funded and supported with 700€ per month, as well as an additional travel allowance of 275€. Currently, there is also an ERASMUS partnership between the University of Tirana and the HS Worms.



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