Castillo de Gibralfaro, Málaga – Photo: Willian Justen de Vasconcellos

Sun, beach, sea. For many people, Spain is the perfect holiday destination for relaxation, with a total of 280 days of sunshine a year. It is therefore not surprising that in Palma de Mallorca alone, around 82 tonnes of sand are stolen from Spaniards every holiday season. Most of the sand ends up in the pockets of eager holidaymakers who want to take a piece of relaxation home with them.

Nevertheless, there is more to Spain than just the dream of a holiday. Interpersonal relations, cordiality and helpfulness are very important to the Spaniards, and most people do not think of hectic life. Spain is a country of diversity, also when it comes to the landscape. In many regions of the country, for example, the sea is right next to the mountains and large areas of untouched nature offer a suitable retreat. All this invites you to get to know the country and its people even more intensively.